Vision care startup lands $1.8M

December 5, 2016
Portland startup Sightbox has snagged $1.8 million from investors to help the vision care service become a part of more employers's health benefits. Sightbox operates as a subscription service for...
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Complier helps with whale study

November 11, 2016
Complier, a Corvallis,OR, company supplied and piloted aerial drones used in a first-of-its-kind whale study in the East Canadian Arctic.
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Portland’s GlobeSherpa and Austin’s RideScout join, bring jobs to Portland

November 10, 2016
Moovel North America, the transit technology company formed by the merger of Portland’s GlobeSherpa and Austin’s RideScout, is consolidating its operations and moving all 116 employees to Portland...
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How Wildfang uses data-driven personalization to increase conversion

November 4, 2016
“It’s all very well and good to talk about attitudinal cohorts and motivation and all these nice brand marketing words,” says Emma McIlroy, CEO of fashion retailer and lifestyle brand Wildfang, “but at the end of the day...
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Wildfang’s “Wild Feminist” Shirt Sparks A Rebuttal to “Locker Room Talk”

October 18, 2016
“The boys at Centennial and their coach, Jeremy, said we want to wear your shirts, we want to pose in our locker room and we want to make a stand...
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Music Videos in Shazam (Finally) Courtesy of PSF’s Vadio

October 14, 2016
Starting this week, whenever a user Shazams a song they don’t know, the app will reveal the information it always has, such as the artist, song title, etc., as well...
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